The Face Shop: Lovely Me Ex Petit I Cheek Stick Review

Hi sweeties!
I'm back with a new The Face Shop product review~
And the product is gonna be the Lovely Me Ex Petite I Cheek Stick

I did promise to do this review 3 months ago but I just got to try on this blush yesterday so pardon me for the late review :p

The doll packaging is I believe is inspired by the Russian doll since it resembles Russian doll very much.

I know I know I'm a big sucker for cute packaging such as this. I think that this blush is extremely cute and it might be the cutest cream blush ever! x) How can I ever resist to buy this blush???

This range of blush came in 3 colors but I only got 1, which is #01 Pink Pong Pong.
The color is kind of soft peachy pink with no shimmer in it.

So what you do now is you lift up the doll head and ta-da~

These are the swatches of the blush~

My conclusion of this blush is I really like the color and texture. The color is very soft and pigmented. It glides on the skin very well without any patchiness. And honestly this is very easy to use since you can just apply the blush stick directly to your cheek and blend it with fingers. So no brush needed to apply this which I find to be good. I think I would definitely bring this blush along with me if I'm travelling.

I think the only thing that I don't like about this blush is the color selection is quite limited. Among all colors they came up with, I do not see any special colors. All the shades are very common such as soft pink, bright orange, and bright neon pink. So for someone like me who already have a lot of blush in my makeup stash I don't think this is a must product. But if you are a beginner in makeup give this a try! It is definitely worth it!

Recommended: yes
Rating: 3.5/5

You can get this blush from my online store House of Younique
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Have a nice monday~


  1. Hi can you tell me the ingredients in the blush? are there a lot of unnatural chemicals?


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