The Face Shop - Clean Face Spot Corrector Review

Hi sweet cupcakes! I know I know it has been sooooooooooooooooo long since the last I've posted something on this blog.
Forgive me because I'm very busy to start my own fashion label and I might be busy until the end of this year ;).

Anyway today I wanna show you a skincare product that I've been using recently.

As you guys all know, I do have a lot of acne scar because I tend to scratch my acne (my bad -.-"). So I've been looking for something to brightens up the dark acne scar.

And I come up with this Clean Face Spot Corrector from The Face Shop.

It claims to have:
1. Tea Tree Oil
2. Quick Clear Complex
3. The new and improved quick clear complex treat oily skin and problem skin more quickly and effectively

The texture is just like a thick white gel which will need to take a few minutes for it to be absorbed into the skin. I believe that this product is slightly scented but not too strong. The scent doesn't bother me anyway.

Actually I do not have a lot of things to talk about this products since I don't think that this product is bad or great. For a spot corrector it does brightens up my acne scar but it really takes a long time for it to fades. For me, I don't think only applying this spot corrector is enough, but I also need to use peeling and brightening mask to help the acne scar to be brightened. So if you are looking for something that can heal your acne scar, you can purchase this but you should know that this alone is never enough.

It tooks me around 3-4 months for my acne scar to kind of fades with all the other treatment. If you use this products alone then it might takes even longer. Anyway I do not think that this is a bad product but it wasn't a great product either. But for the price that I paid I think that it works quite well.

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommended: Yes

You can get this product from my online store at House of Younique
Take care girls~ ;)


  1. really surprised with these review.,, i had used one of these "clear face" series (the mild lotion) it's pretty good enough for me.,, but like you said.,, it's not very good product.,, but it's not make me break out.,, and calm my redness so it's good enough for me :)
    anyway these nice review

  2. i love this, cause the fragrant so relaxing, green tea >.<

  3. Hey. Can you say something about the face corrector brand Yves Rocher?


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