The Dressing Room by Ferina Tan

Hi I'm here to announce that I officially had my dressmaking line "The Dressing Room". I've been working very hard for these past 2 years to make this dream into a real life and here I am to find this dream has come true. 

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2010 our designer Ferina Tan attended Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore) majoring in Fashion Design and continued her studies in Abineri Ang Atelier Et Createur De Mode (Jakarta) specializing in Couture design and pattern making.
The Dressing Room by Ferina Tan established in 2012 and has been making various types of party dresses, gowns and batik for her clients.

Let me show you some of my work for the past few months.

Please let me know if you are interested in custom made gowns for any occasions such as birthday party, wedding dress, pre wedding dress, or even any casual dress. We are more than happy to give you our best service.
The Dressing Room
email: The.dressing.room@live.com
instagram: FerinaTan

Whatsapp: 087881508033
bb pin: 2735148a
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Etude House: Nymph Aura Volumer #03 Review

Hi sweety bunny! Hope everything is going well~

Today I'm going to review one of my favorite highlighter which is the popular Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer. I got the shade in #03 Transparent.

This is apparently a big hit in Korea since its first debut until now~ x)
They released the #01 Pure and #02 Brilliant only at first and came out with the #03 Transparent afterwards.

I was honestly a bit skeptical at first to try out this because from my experience I do not feel that Etude House produce the best make up products. But I do not regret trying this out after all.

The texture of this product is kind of thick and you really only need less than a pea size to highlight the areas that needs to be highlighted such as brow bone, cheek bone, nose bridge, etc. Some people mix this with their bb cream/foundation and apply it all over the face to give a healthy glow to their face but I kind of do not like that, instead I only highlighted my face. 

For this product I think that you are supposed to whether mix it with a base product or apply this then the base product afterwards. And this volumer was actually intended for bb creams. I find  the glow to be very gorgeous under my bb cream. It really gives me a beautiful and healthy glow. But honestly I find it to be a bit tricky if I want to apply this along with my foundation.

When I'm applying my foundation, I would use primer, foundation, then loose powder. As you guys all know that loose powder is meant to mattifying your face. So If I apply this volumer before or after my foundation and after that I apply my loose powder then my whole face would become matte and not glowy anymore. Otherwise If I do not apply my loose powder my foundation would slide all over my face and it won't last long. So what I do is I apply all my base make up and I put the volumer on top of everything.

Even so I feel that the volumer is kind of sticky on top of everything and I believe it doesn't last very long. But it still gives a beautiful glow though.

Can you see the beautiful glow on the right side of the back of my hand? :)

My conclusion is that I think that this volumer works best with bb creams where you do not need to set it with any powder. And I absolutely love the beautiful glow~ x) 

Recommended: yes
Rating: 3,5/5

If you are interested in this product you can purchase it from House of Younique~
Thanks for reading my blog~~~ x)


Dolly Wink - Eyelash Fix Review

Hi hi~
Today I'm gonna review my all time favorite eyelash glue from Dolly Wink~

The packaging as usual for Dolly wink products is very very cute~! xD

Anyway I've been using this eyelash glue for quite some time. The first time I tried the eyelash glue is when I bought their lashes. The glue came in a very small tube together with the lashes. After I tried it, I immediately fall in love with it. I think that this is the best eyelash glue I've ever used. :)

The best feature of this glue is that it dries very fast and when it dries it completely sticks to my eyelid. I've never experienced my eyelash is sticking out after few hours of applying this glue. So thumbs up for the staying power.

Another thing I love about this glue is that it came out white but when it dries it became clear and invisible. And it's very easy to clean the glue residue on used lashes as well. So don't worry about damaging your lashes especially if you're using an expensive lashes. ;)

Overall I'm really satisfied with this product and so far Dolly Wink products hasn't disappoint me at all. I definitely recommend this to beginners or even professional make up artist.

Rating: 5/5
Recommended: Absolutely

Have a nice weekend~~


The Face Shop - Clean Face Spot Corrector Review

Hi sweet cupcakes! I know I know it has been sooooooooooooooooo long since the last I've posted something on this blog.
Forgive me because I'm very busy to start my own fashion label and I might be busy until the end of this year ;).

Anyway today I wanna show you a skincare product that I've been using recently.

As you guys all know, I do have a lot of acne scar because I tend to scratch my acne (my bad -.-"). So I've been looking for something to brightens up the dark acne scar.

And I come up with this Clean Face Spot Corrector from The Face Shop.

It claims to have:
1. Tea Tree Oil
2. Quick Clear Complex
3. The new and improved quick clear complex treat oily skin and problem skin more quickly and effectively

The texture is just like a thick white gel which will need to take a few minutes for it to be absorbed into the skin. I believe that this product is slightly scented but not too strong. The scent doesn't bother me anyway.

Actually I do not have a lot of things to talk about this products since I don't think that this product is bad or great. For a spot corrector it does brightens up my acne scar but it really takes a long time for it to fades. For me, I don't think only applying this spot corrector is enough, but I also need to use peeling and brightening mask to help the acne scar to be brightened. So if you are looking for something that can heal your acne scar, you can purchase this but you should know that this alone is never enough.

It tooks me around 3-4 months for my acne scar to kind of fades with all the other treatment. If you use this products alone then it might takes even longer. Anyway I do not think that this is a bad product but it wasn't a great product either. But for the price that I paid I think that it works quite well.

Rating: 3.5/5
Recommended: Yes

You can get this product from my online store at House of Younique
Take care girls~ ;)


Etude House: Drawing Show Creamy Liner Review

Hey pretty girls! ;)
Another Korean products review is hereee~~ xD

I'm gonna review the new Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner
This was released around 2 months ago to replace the Code B strong eyes cream liner.

I got mine in color BR401 Brown Double Shot

In my opinion this cream liner is very similar with the old Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner. The pigmentation is good and it also lasts all day with my Urban Decay primer potion.

I've been using my Bobbi Brown gel liner for 2 years and I really cannot compare these 2. I think that for Etude House price, it really does a great job for a cream liner. Where as the Bobbi Brown one is a bit overpriced for me but offers a very high end quality. Both lasted me all day with my primer. The only difference is only that the Bobbi Brown one dries immediately after I apply it on my lids so I do not need to wait for it to dry where Etude House one needs a few seconds for it to dry.

1 more thing I like about this cream liner is it is very waterproof, I swatched it on the back on my hands and afterwards find a hard time to clean it water. So you've gotta use a eye make up remover to really remove this eye liner.

The brush included to the liner is pretty good and I find it to be the same with the Code B cream liner but a bit more precise.

These are the swatches of the eyeliner

Below is the picture of the eye liner after I dip it in water. 

It actually doesn't smudge when it is wet unlike the picture. There are some smudges on the picture because I touched it before it dries.

Overall really like this eyeliner, might not be my HG cream liner but it does a great job to line my eyes and the brown color is really nice also. If you have a tight budget and wanted a good cream liner I really recommend you to try this.

Rating: 4/5
Recommended: absolutely~

You can get this eyeliner from my online store at House of Younique
Take care girls!;)


Holika Holika: Aqua Petit Jelly Make Up Fixer Review

Hi do you know that make up fixer is one of the most important thing in make up? :D
If you're going to be out all day (12 hours+) or even go to parties and prom where you have to dance and sweat, you will definitely need make up fixer to make your make up lasts and prevent your foundation from melting and smearing.

So now I'm gonna review this Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Make Up Fixer which I just bought recently.

At first I wasn't so sure about this make up fixer. I did bought this for review purpose because I find that there aren't a lot of beauty bloggers as well as youtubers talk about Holika Holika makeup. So just to help you guys if you're interested in Holika Holika makeup :p.

Although I bought this for a review purpose, I actually liked it after I tried!
Wow so unexpectedly!

Reading from the description, I think that this make up fixer was intended for dry skin people. Since I have a combination skin, I really really didn't thought I would like this.

I applied this all over my face after all my makeup is done and went out for wedding reception that day. I was using my Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse, MUFE HD Foundation, Urban Decay Razor Sharp Loose Powder, and lastly this Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Make Up Fixer.

It did a great job in moisturize my cheeks area which is very dry.
My T-zone area would normally get oily after 3-4 hours but after using this make up fixer I find that my t-zone was slightly oily after 6-7 hours. 

I think the best thing about this is that I did make my face feels bouncier! :D

I think that this make up fixer did a great job for the lasting power. Although it was intended for dry skin but I didn't feel like my face become super oily after spraying this into my face. It might not work very well for oily skin though. So if you have a dry/combination skin, I definitely recommend this for you. It really did a great job for the price I paid.

Recommended: yes
Rating 4/5

Get this on my online store
Thanks for reading! ;)


The Face Shop: Lovely Me Ex Petit I Cheek Stick Review

Hi sweeties!
I'm back with a new The Face Shop product review~
And the product is gonna be the Lovely Me Ex Petite I Cheek Stick

I did promise to do this review 3 months ago but I just got to try on this blush yesterday so pardon me for the late review :p

The doll packaging is I believe is inspired by the Russian doll since it resembles Russian doll very much.

I know I know I'm a big sucker for cute packaging such as this. I think that this blush is extremely cute and it might be the cutest cream blush ever! x) How can I ever resist to buy this blush???

This range of blush came in 3 colors but I only got 1, which is #01 Pink Pong Pong.
The color is kind of soft peachy pink with no shimmer in it.

So what you do now is you lift up the doll head and ta-da~

These are the swatches of the blush~

My conclusion of this blush is I really like the color and texture. The color is very soft and pigmented. It glides on the skin very well without any patchiness. And honestly this is very easy to use since you can just apply the blush stick directly to your cheek and blend it with fingers. So no brush needed to apply this which I find to be good. I think I would definitely bring this blush along with me if I'm travelling.

I think the only thing that I don't like about this blush is the color selection is quite limited. Among all colors they came up with, I do not see any special colors. All the shades are very common such as soft pink, bright orange, and bright neon pink. So for someone like me who already have a lot of blush in my makeup stash I don't think this is a must product. But if you are a beginner in makeup give this a try! It is definitely worth it!

Recommended: yes
Rating: 3.5/5

You can get this blush from my online store House of Younique
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Have a nice monday~

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