Etude House: Nymph Aura Volumer #03 Review

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Today I'm going to review one of my favorite highlighter which is the popular Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer. I got the shade in #03 Transparent.

This is apparently a big hit in Korea since its first debut until now~ x)
They released the #01 Pure and #02 Brilliant only at first and came out with the #03 Transparent afterwards.

I was honestly a bit skeptical at first to try out this because from my experience I do not feel that Etude House produce the best make up products. But I do not regret trying this out after all.

The texture of this product is kind of thick and you really only need less than a pea size to highlight the areas that needs to be highlighted such as brow bone, cheek bone, nose bridge, etc. Some people mix this with their bb cream/foundation and apply it all over the face to give a healthy glow to their face but I kind of do not like that, instead I only highlighted my face. 

For this product I think that you are supposed to whether mix it with a base product or apply this then the base product afterwards. And this volumer was actually intended for bb creams. I find  the glow to be very gorgeous under my bb cream. It really gives me a beautiful and healthy glow. But honestly I find it to be a bit tricky if I want to apply this along with my foundation.

When I'm applying my foundation, I would use primer, foundation, then loose powder. As you guys all know that loose powder is meant to mattifying your face. So If I apply this volumer before or after my foundation and after that I apply my loose powder then my whole face would become matte and not glowy anymore. Otherwise If I do not apply my loose powder my foundation would slide all over my face and it won't last long. So what I do is I apply all my base make up and I put the volumer on top of everything.

Even so I feel that the volumer is kind of sticky on top of everything and I believe it doesn't last very long. But it still gives a beautiful glow though.

Can you see the beautiful glow on the right side of the back of my hand? :)

My conclusion is that I think that this volumer works best with bb creams where you do not need to set it with any powder. And I absolutely love the beautiful glow~ x) 

Recommended: yes
Rating: 3,5/5

If you are interested in this product you can purchase it from House of Younique~
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  3. very nice review and the product is very good! your blog is very interesting and nice :)) follow?


  4. Great review! I love a little luminouscity on my skin!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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  5. Great review! Thinking of buying nymph aura #3!



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