Holika Holika Volume Talk Smooth Lipstick

Hi everyone~! Today I'm gonna review these 2 cute lippies from Holika Holika x)

Holika Holika Volume Talk Smooth Lipstick

The box~

The Lipstick Case~

The first think in my head when I opened the box is THIS IS SOOOOOOO CUTEEEE!!!!! xD
The packaging is very witch~y and doesn't look cheap at all!
And then when I open the cap~~~ 


Mmmmm Sweet~!! PK118, OR208

Then the first thing I thought is "Ok I am a pro now! I do not need to see the real thing, just see the swatches on the website, can buy such a beautiful sweet color" Cx

Ok enough the joking :p. Moving on the product, PK118 is a very milky bright cherry pink, while OR208 is a coralish light orange. At first I thought PK118 would be too bright for my lips, since I have never liked wearing bright color lipstick. But once again I was proven wrong :p. Even though when I swatched it, it appears very bright and creamy, It actually appear a bit to the nudy side rather than bright side, which i like :). OR208 also appear quite nudish on my lips. But it might be cause by my pigmented lips. My lips is a quite reddish so I guess the lipstick color make my lip color looks a bit lighter (I guess?).

So here are the swatches of both color

Swatches (from left to right): PK118, OR208

Swatches (from left to right): PK118, OR208

See? PK118 looks like it will appear very bright pink. Eventhough when I swatched it, the color appear very pigmented and creamy, but I found that on my lips, the color appear very sheer. I need to apply it around 3-4 times to get the color. For the lasting power, it last me a good 3-4 hours. So the lasting power for me is just so so.

These lipstick also claims to contains peptide derivative components and hydration essence to express plump and luminious lips. But for my lips which is very very dry (I almost cannot wear lipstick without lipbalm), I didn't feel that this lipstick is very moisturizing. I still need to use lipbalm before applying this lipstick. But the nice thing is, 1 minute after applying the lipstick, I can feel a very menthol feeling on my lips.

Overall, I think these lipstick are not a bad product but they are also not a very very great products for me. I think they are just a very decent lipstick. Honestly I do love the color very much and also the menthol feeling. But it's just that it is not pigmented enough for my lips, or I could say they are way to sheer for my liking. But I do highly recommend this to someone who has less pigmented lips and like sheer lipstick.

Recommended: Neutral
Rating: 3.5

Until next time, take care guys! ;D


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